Adjustable slide units provide the perfect solution

Ganter in Furtwangen has released a new and extensive range of adjustable slide units (GN 900) with modular structure for a variety of different applications.

The new units, available in Australia from D&D Barry, come in widths of 30, 50, 80 and 120mm, with an outside slide with four different strokes for every slide size and width.

Customised dimensions are also possible.

The adjustment slides can be combined into a wide variety of different axis configurations. Special clamping devices allow fast and safe mounting.

The slides are made of extruded anodised aluminium and boast high bearing loads, good friction values, high-grade slide guidance, aloxal-hardened surfaces, tight-fit spindle adjustment and an adjustable lever for slide clamping.

The other parts of the adjustable slide units are made of stainless steel and plastic.

The design of the adjustable slide units with scale dial allows precision adjustments of 0.05mm and with digital position dial of 0.02mm.

Potential applications include the precision adjustment of soldering and welding heads, stop adjustments, inkjet printer and measuring camera adjustments, laser heads and sensors.

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