Adjustable high accuracy chuck: A turn for the better

Fuerda has released its new range of high accuracy PA Series steel bodied chucks.

Available from Hare and Forbes, the high accuracy is achieved through a uniquely designed micro adjustable chuck and back plate mounting system.
Both the chuck body and fully hardened scroll are made from forged steel. The three pinions that drive the scroll are housed in a hardened bush for extended life. The scrolls themselves are forged and hardened with precision ground thread flanks on both sides before being precisely balanced. The chuck jaw teeth and guides are also hardened before being precision ground.

Having a steel body makes the chucks safe to run at higher speeds than chucks manufactured from semi steel.

Each chuck is balanced to within fine limits with the final accuracy achieved by four micro adjustment screws located in the body of the chuck which react against the hardened steel back plate.

The chuck is set up in the following way. If the finished work piece is to be 52 mm then a finished sample at 52mm is placed in the chuck and a dial indicator is used to find the run out.

The socket head cap screws that mount the chuck to the back plate are backed off and the four micro adjusting screws are then used to remove the run out. The mounting screws are then tightened.

By this method, repeatability at the selected size is achieved of 0.0004” T.I.R.

The design with fine adjustment gives the chuck extremely high gripping concentricity.

Hardened and ground steel matching Cam lock mounting plates are supplied with each PA chuck, to insure precision is achieved.

All Fuerda PA chucks meet all the standards required of ASA Standard B5.9-1960 and are manufactured using advanced European technology.

PA Series Steel Body Adjustable 3 Jaw Scroll Chucks can be used for all machining operations where universal chucks are used and precision is required.

Precision, accuracy, versatility and long life make the PA Series chucks invaluable in the modern workshop and indispensable in the toolroom.

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