Actisafe storage cabinets offer the ultimate defence

Actisafe, a Defence Recognised Supplier, has released its own line of storage cabinets for the Defence sector.

The industrial ergonomics product specialist has gone into this market confident they can deliver the durability expected by the Defence sector.

Actisafe products are Australian made and adaptable to specific requirements. Being an
Australian based company, Actisafe can also facilitate orders that deal in smaller quantities, as well as large orders.

Actisafe’s Defence sector storage cabinets can be powder coated to a specified color.

The product has reinforced double hinged doors, security locking (key operated or provision for padlock) and flush fitting handles for better safety.

Shelves and shelf dividers can be configured according to requirements. This customisable, high density storage solution can be used in workshops, tool storage areas, training areas as well as general application.

Compact, custom-made Actisafe storage cabinets free-up floor space and can even be
configured to protect highly-sensitive parts.

The Defence storage cabinets provide instant access to tools, spares and instruments,
leaving more open workspaces and safe work environments.

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