Actisafe’s rugged computer cabinets and tables are built to last

Defence recognised supplier of workplace safety and ergonomics products, Actisafe, has released a range of rugged, industrial computer cabinets and tables for workplaces in all industries.

Acticomputer is available in various configurations and each model in the range is ventilated and has several 10 Amp power outlets.

Made of hard wearing powder coated steel, Acticomputer units are strong and made to handle bumps and knocks when operating on workshop floors close to machinery and manual operations.

The equipment has shown itself to operate successfully in environments exposed to mild chemicals, heat, steam, cold, humidity and vibration.

For security measures, Acticomputer units are made with security locking systems to keep hard-drives, monitors and keyboards securely stored when not in operation.

The lockable compartments are ideal for housing added equipment such as a bubble jet or inkjet printer, a fold-down keyboard tray or even a data rack.

Cabinets are available in the two general sizes to suit 14″and 21″ computer monitors.

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