Actilev scissor tables give industry a lift

Actilev is a scissor lift table that can be custom designed and manufactured to meet exact requirements in the manufacturing, handling, retail and food sector.

Most aspects of the equipment can be customised including bellows, roller tops, ball
tops, turntables, rails, and auto-levelling sensors.

The Actilev range of lift tables from Actisafe has been designed to provide a complete means of solving any materials handling problems.

Units are nominally supplied with a powder coated finish as standard but can be received in galvanised finish, stainless steel finish, a range of colours, with pallet disks or U-shaped top.

The Actilev range provides a complete lifting solution for any business.

With capacities ranging from one to four tonnes, the Actilev range of scissor lift tables can be modified to suit every need.

Eight standard models are available with varying weight, height, lifting time, motor, platform size capacities, and overall net weights.

Across the varying models, weight capacity ranges from: 1000kg to 4000kg, height capacity: 80mm to 1780mm, lifting time: 20sec to 70sec, motor capacity: 0.75kw to 2.2kw, platform size: length (1240mm to 1450mm), breadth (640mm to 1140mm) and net weight: 160kg to 470kg.

Actilev’s easy and precise height adjustment is a cost effective alternative to manual handling and therefore minimises the operator’s exposure to many OH&S related handling problems.

Trolley mounting options facilitate mobility, allowing Actilev to accurately and carefully position goods in most parts of the plant, at the right height.

Floor and pit mounted applications can be positioned to facilitate functions such as gravity feeding, bridging and support in production lines, or most other production and handling processes.

Fixed or mobile, Actilev optimises the lifting and lowering process and provides access to components in various stages of a manufacturing or handling process.

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