600 reasons to choose Joemars

During the past 30 years, Brisbane has been forging a reputation as a centre of excellence in toolmaking.

The Qld capital now boasts some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry.

Although primarily focused on the plastics industry, the toolmaking companies of Greater Brisbane have equipped their workshops with machines and ancillary equipment that enables them to provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to manufacturing and other industries.

One of Australia’s top-tier toolmakers is a family business – Product Engineering P/L of Stafford.

Product Engineering has built a portfolio of loyal customers by placing strong emphasis on accuracy. It has a reputation for producing press tools and injection moulds for the plastics industry to high specifications – on time and on budget.

Its workshops include a Joemars WT655 wirecut machine, supplied by the Qld branch of 600 Machine Tools, the Sydney-based company that represents Joemars throughout Australia.

Director of product engineering and workshop manager Gavin Lister said: “It meets our specifications for accuracy and reliability, and copes with larger workpieces.”

The WT655, which has a worktable manufactured from stainless-steel, has U and V axes located above the column to offer increased stability. It can handle precise taper machining when facing high wire-tension and high water-pressure.

The CNC controlled wirecut machine’s highly-rigid design and good thermal balance are designed for precision machining. The simple wire-feeding and wire-collecting design has been developed for higher reliability.

The sophisticated controller enables the operator to input the wire diameter, workpiece material and thickness, and surface roughness required, resulting in the appropriate machining factors being automatically called-up from the machining databank.

Although capable of batchwork, these machines mainly produce one-offs for toolmaking to meet the exacting specifications of the company’s broad customer base, which encompasses Brisbane and many other centres along Australia’s east coast.

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