2010 New Year’s resolution: be a better marketer of your Aussie products

It makes commercial sense to let consumers know your products are Australian

By Ian Harrison
CEO Australian Made

A New Year, in fact a new decade, is upon us and what better time to review the way you
market your Aussie products and make bold changes to keep your products relevant, attractive and ahead of the pack well into the new decade.

Promoting your products consistently and aggressively as Australian, to consumers in
Australia and internationally makes great business sense.

A 2009 Roy Morgan Research survey shows that consumers in Australia have a strong
preference for buying locally made or grown goods.

According to the survey, 50 per cent of consumers consciously buy Australian made
products whenever possible and another 15 per cent do so “often”.

The survey found that, mostly, these consumers find locally made products by looking for the Australian Made logo.

In fact, 85 per cent of consumers trust the well-known kangaroo in the triangle symbol
over any other country of origin identifier such as flags, maps and pictures of animals.

Internationally, the case for promoting your products as Australian is just as strong.

Australia has one of the consistently strongest nation brands in the world and our products are sought after by consumers looking to get “a taste of Australia”.

This gives Australian manufacturers an important competitive advantage in export
markets and smart marketers are taking advantage of this by aggressively labelling their products as Australian.

Research by the LA-based Horizon Consumer Science shows that clearly branding products as Australian, using the easily recognised Australian Made logo, helps capture the imagination of consumers, from Dubai to the US.

A recent study in San Francisco found that 87 per cent of consumers believe the green and gold logo captures their positive impressions of Australia – in fact, 25 per cent of consumers noted that they had purchased Australian made products as a result of promotions of products carrying the logo.

A similar study by Horizon in Dubai, this time focussed on importers, found that Dubai-based importers rank Australia first for country of origin branding appeal, with 89 per cent wanting to see Australian branding on Australian products.

Australian products are held in high regard in Dubai – importers consider Australian
products as being high quality (60%), reliable (60%), pure and natural (56%), innovative (53%) and well designed (52%) – and that gives our exporters a great opportunity to really leverage from Australian brand equity.

So, what does this mean for you and your products? The strong consumer preference for
buying Australian made products, whether in the domestic or export market, gives you a
great competitive advantage.

It makes fundamental commercial sense therefore to let consumers know that your
products are Australian.

“It is surprising that so many local manufacturers and producers do not effectively
promote their ‘Australianness’ across their marketing material,” says Ian Harrison, chief
executive of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign.

“The first step is of course to ensure packaging communicates that a product is made right here – place the Australian Made logo in a prominent place on the front of your

“Consumers look for the logo to identify Australian goods and in the retail context this
all happens very quickly.

“So if being Australian is an advantage for your products, make sure you make it easy for consumers to recognise that fact.

“The next step is to incorporate the message into your advertising, point of sale material, website and all other components of your marketing suite. The fact that your product is made in Australia gives you some great opportunities to tap into consumer demand and leverage from our nation brand; so make the most of it,” says Harrison.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is used on more than 10,000 products sold
around the world.

Forty-four per cent of logo users are active in export markets and the vast majority (73 per cent) use the logo on their export products to differentiate their products and highlight their “Australianness”.

To learn more about the Australian Made logo and how to use it on your products visit:

Australian Made, Australian Grown
Ph: 1800 350 520