The 20022 LED Cordless Light

In line with our target of providing a full range of equipment for mechanical and electrical workshops, Alemite Lubrequip has recently added a cordless, rechargeable LED light to our range. The 36 high intensity LED’s used in the 20022 generate the same amount of light as a 40 watt incandescent bulb. Switch the on/off button to the left and the six LED’s located at the top of the light will throw a torch light beam.  Switch the on/off button to the right and the thirty LED’s located on the side of the light will illuminate. The maximum possible active light time after a full recharge is approximately 10 hours and full recharge time is around 2.5 hours.
The 36 LED’s each rated to 100,000 hours are powered by a 7.2V 1800m/h-NiMH battery. Suitable for a multitude of applications ranging across many industries, the 20022 LED cordless rechargeable light will increase productivity, reduce operator frustrations and enable the job at hand to be undertaken quickly and easily.