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The locally developed and manufactured, Sippel Hi Tech 2000 Electronic Weigh-Packing Machine can handle a broad range of products – from talc to 10mm river gravel.

The standard machine features an all-stainless steel product flow, providing improved wear properties and anti-contamination of product.

For moist or corrosive environments such as salt, the entire machine and control cabinet can be stainless.

These machines are ideal for use with food, chemicals, minerals, cements and some corrosive products.

Fine dry emulsions, pastes, powders, granules and mixtures of these can be handled
by the stainless auger feeder or even some with moisture/fat content and certain gravel mixtures.

Solid accuracy and hygienic performance with minimal maintenance and quick interchange parts for variations in pack sizes from 2kg to 40kg is possible, depending on bulk density and container availability.

The relocation of 48 tonnes of machinery would be a major challenge for most companies – but not for the Sippel Group.

Sippel recently assisted a major Sydney company to successfully move the equipment into a temporary storage position while the floor where it stood was substantially strengthened.

“A second relocation move was done after the new reinforced concrete floor set and was judged sufficiently cured, so the move would not damage the new floor,” said Sippel Group managing director Geoff Sippel.

Sippel Group’s unique AIRSKATE Hovair Air Cushion Load Movement Set of four AS34-HP AIRSKATE Units was used to carry out the move.

Though the normal maximum load for this Set was only 40 tonne, the injection moulding machine’s 7 tonne tooling had been left in the machine, bringing the load to nearly 48 tonne.

When Sydney medical supplier Resmed needed help to move a giant six tonne machine to its new plant, they contacted heavy machinery specialists the Sippel Group.

The expert team from Sippel safely moved the machine from the Sleep Apnoea Equipment Production Line at Resmed’s North Ryde plant to their new premises at Bella Vista in western Sydney.

The main brief was to protect a new factory floor that Resmed was keen to keep intact.

Sippel used its model AS18 Airskate Air Flotation Load Movement System to do the job.
The AS18 has a 10 tonne capacity @180kPa Maximum Floor Pressure, from a plant or mobile hire compressed air line.

The tape marks on floor indicate the exact positioning of the machine as required by the client required.

“The move was carried out safely and successfully with a minimum of fuss and no damage to the new floor,” said Sippel Group managing director Geoff Sippel.

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Air floatation specialists Sippel International recently faced one of its biggest challenges in moving a 4.5 tonne lithographic laser writer machine.

Sippel International’s Hovair Airskate Air Flotation Load Movement System was chosen because of its safe, smooth movement characteristics, which not all other movement equipment can attain.

Such smooth movement, with virtually no vibration, was vital to avoid serious damage to the delicate machine components.

The project involved turning the machine through 225° and squeezing it through a narrow opening in a wall.

The machine was then successfully maneuvered into a very confined new location.

Sippel has moved all types of machines and loads over the past 30 odd years without personal injury, damage to equipment, factory or floors.

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For the past 10 years the Sippel Group’s weigh-packaging machine has played a key role in the making of home bread baking mixes at Laucke Flour Mill at Bridgewater, Victoria.

The machine is used to fill open top mini-sacks with a pack range of 5 to 10kg packs.

They are filled to the desired weight, then closed and stacked on pallets ready for dispatch to major supermarkets.

Locally developed and manufactured, the Sippel Hi Tech 2000 Electronic Weigh-Packing Machine boasts solid performance with easy interchange parts or spares, including locally designed electronics.

This durable, reliable machine provides consistent package weights together with cleanliness and hygienic fill.

Depending on product, pack weights ranging from 2kg to 50kg with a typical accuracy of a few grams can be achieved at rates up to six per minute or even higher for smaller pack weights.

The Sippel Hi-Tech Electronic Weigh-Packaging Machine has successfully completed its toughest challenge to date – weigh-packing 10mm mesh river gravel.

After various design modifications, the Sippel packaging machine can now pack any milled or powdered product of various sieve analysis or meshes from talc, plaster, cementicious, flour, coffee beans, bread bake mixtures to plastic granules – and now 10mm mesh river gravel.

The river pebble machine is an all stainless steel unit – ideal for moist or wet products.

The river gravel was packed into plastic or woven plastic bags over a range from 5 to 20 kg with excellent weight accuracy in 10g increments.

The standard stainless steel weigh packaging machine lasts longer and makes it easier to clean out between products – particularly with food, colors or chemicals.

For open top flexible packages its usual two-stage safety clamping device securely holds the pack in place, while weigh-filling.

The Sippel Hi-Tech electronic Weigh-Packing Machine offers a highly efficient way to weigh-pack a broad range of powders, granules, emulsions, and abrasive or cementicious products such as concrete mix.

The machine is ideal for the packaging of bread mixes into paper sacks.

Once filled the sacks can be sewn closed, ready for super market distribution.

After the operator places the sack, a safety clamping device securely holds it in place while filling, until desired weight is reached by the auto-weigh system ready for the operator to release it.

The next sack is then placed by the operator to begin the next fill cycle.

The machine’s range will weigh from 2, 5, 8, 10, to 40kg in increments of 10g, by calling up the different settings on the digitiser weigh panel.

The machine features standard long lasting stainless steel parts in product flow.

Sippel International Pty Ltd has launched a new all stainless steel hi-tech electronic weigh-packer for a wide range of applications.

The stainless steel machine is ideal for all types of powders, granules, emulsions, and abrasive or cementicious products such as concrete mix. Also, it has non-corrosive and better cleanout features for food or chemical products.

Like other Sippel quality products this latest machine has an all-stainless frame as well as stainless outer parts and convenient removable access covers.

The machine can weigh-fill product into plastic or paper bags, in-house transfer containers or bins and cartons with or without a plastic liner.

A safety clamping device securely holds the container in place so as to contain dust if present and subject to the container’s integrity is capable of supporting up to a 40kg package, until operator or auto weigh system is ready to release it.

You can’t beat a 100 per cent success rate.

That’s the proud record of the Sippel Group over a 30-year-period.

The Sippel team has again succeeded with an awkward 2.5 tonne hire move (site unseen) of a rather fragile processing packaging machine.

The machine was used to complete bottle packs of special Hibiscus flowers, which are placed into champagne glasses (and can be eaten).

With no opportunity to pre-inspect the site or job, the Sippel Group improvised by supporting the small 50mm diameter machine legs by forming airbeams with its four AS18-HP HOVAIR(TM) AIRSKATE(TM) set and bracing with a single steel bar to keep the system stable, when floating.

As it was a food environment, semi-friction finish surface, with limited compressed air supply, we utilised our thin slip sheet belting strips to reduce air usage.

The Sippel Group late last year succeeded with an awkward “site unseen” 2.5 tonne hire move of a rather fragile processing packaging machine.

The machine is used to pack gift bottles of fresh Hibiscus Flowers.

This was not only an unusual application or industry for the Sippel Group, but was also performed at short notice.

On this occasion the Sippel crew did not have an opportunity to pre-inspect the site.

On arrival, the team had the difficult task of maneuvering its four AS18-HP HOVAIR AIRSKATES into place to accommodate the move.

The concrete floor was not only in a food environment, but had a semi-friction finish with limited compressed air supply.

The team used thin slip sheet belting strips to reduce air usage.

The job was completed in a short time, squeezing the bulky machine through three door-ways with millimetres to clear and into a very constricted final position.