Albany Door Systems

FOOD and beverage manufactures are increasingly looking to improve their processes and quality of product, according to Albany Door Systems business development manager Les Davies.

“To eliminate any contamination from within the manufacturing area the door has to be examined as a possible contamination source. This has placed emphasis on examining closely the materials that are used to make high speed doors,” Les revealed in his FOOD magazines educational webcast: Key Elements Of A Successful Food Safety Program now online.

“We are seeing more stainless steel used in the door construction where other materials may corrode or dissolve,” he said.

Albany Nomafa has released the new 330 series model of Rapid Roll Doors.

Combined with a proven Nomafa performance record and an economical price this door has now set the standard in the food industry.

These new doors have lightweight aluminium side columns with a small footprint, allowing it to be installed into places that in the past would have been impossible to accommodate a high speed door.

A unique balancing and tensioning system ensures the door blade is always working to the exacting tolerance established by Albany Nomafa from many years of experience.

The door blade is made from Albany's patented RollTex material. This material is almost impossible to tear or damage and will stand up to the harshest environments. The door blade is available in orange, blue or grey.