‘Must-have’ tool from CEJN

CEJN has released its new MultiFLOW Blowgun into the Australian Market – a ‘must-have’ tool for industry professionals.

MultiFLOW Blowgun is a premium tool for premium performance.

The quality of tools has a direct link to the quality of the work they perform.

That has been the driving force behind CEJN’s commitment for more than 50 years to provide customers with pneumatic tools that standout in performance, craftsmanship and durability.

CEJN’s success in the blowgun market is the result of continuous research and development activities that enable it to continually introduce new products that are hardworking and unmatched by the competition.

Professionals throughout the world depend on CEJN for premium tools for premium

When CEJN engineers set out to design an all-new, all-powerful blowgun, they first interviewed end-users to identify its job responsibilities.

They learned that their new design would need to offer unique flow and flow control, as well as be equipped with nozzle adjustments that would make it a versatile tool for a variety of tasks.

By transforming customer needs into design features – a CEJN trademark – CEJN has developed the MultiFLOW Blowgun.

Whether the job calls for cleaning with water or air, CEJN’s MultiFLOW Blowgun delivers high power with exceptional flow control.

To be considered a ‘must-have’, a tool needs to outperform the competition, endure repeated wear and tear, and be useful for a variety of tasks.

CEJN’s new MultiFLOW Blowgun meets all three requirements.

  • Performance – The premium blowgun offers extreme flow for cleaning, cooling and drying applications.
  • Durability – Able to withstand tough handling and tough working environments, day after day.
  • Versatility – Cleans surfaces with air or water, making it a handy tool for applications as far reaching as sterile surgical areas to heavy industrial foundries.

CEJN’s new MultiFLOW Blowgun cleans with compressed air or non-flammable fluids. It offers unmatched blowing force for removing heavy swarf, wood shavings and foodstuffs. It also provides adjustable flow control, reduces hose whip and noise and withstands tough daily use in difficult environments.

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