‘Live’ Grate Magnet technology attracts great interest

Serpent and Dove is leading the way in magnetic innovation with its latest revolutionary new grate magnet.

The Acti-Grate system features “floating” tubes of a grate magnet, which become activated by the flow of product around and between them.

Grate magnets are used extensively throughout food, chemical and plastics industries to remove iron contamination from products.

As some powdered or granular products may bridge and tend to block conventional grate magnets, the new system can remove the additional cost of using external vibration to assist product flow.

In the Acti-Grate system each of the grate magnet tubes rests at each end on a fine edge within a larger diameter hole that allows the tube to float and be “live” within limits.

In many cases product flowing over and between the tubes moves them enough to help prevent hang-ups and bridging.

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