‘Flexible’ bunding takes on a new meaning

Poly drum bunding is not a new concept, and nor is low profile poly bund units – but with the launch of Spilldoktor’s new low profile connectable bund system users have more flexibility than ever.

These units come in compact “two drum” modules which can be connected in many configurations to suit almost any application.

These modules come with marks on all sides, showing where the connector is to be fitted for joining of units. There are endless configurations available to the user, depending on the particular footprint which suits the available floor space. Corners can also be used to advantage when bunds are joined in an ‘L’ configuration.

Each bund has a capacity of 130L which means that when 2 or more are connected they can be safely used to store 200L drums. This satisfies all government regulations that require a bund to safely contain at least the single largest container in the case of a spill.

This new range includes a non-slip ramp, which offers a very gentle slope for ease of drum handling.

When moving 200L drums (which weigh up to 300kg) on a drum truck, this is a significant manual handling advantage.

Another unique feature is the spill gutter around the perimeter of the unit, which eliminates the need for large holes in the poly grate.

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