Products FAQ

Can you sell me this product I saw on your website?

Our website is a directory of companies and products, we do not provide any of the products and services listed on our site, except for those provided by Industry Update as listed here. Please send an enquiry directly to the companies via the form on the product and company pages.

How do I send an enquiry to a company about a product?

On each company and product page there are a number of ways to contact a company about a product.

  • Contact Details - Clicking on this button will show a companies address, phone number, and fax number.
  • Visit Website - Clicking on this button will link you straight to a companies website.
  • Email Company - Clicking on this button will open a form that you can fill in to send a direct enquiry to a company.


What is the difference between diamond, platinum and gold products?

There are a number of differences between diamond, platinum and gold products:

  • Our search engine will return results with high priority to diamond products, followed by platinum and gold.
  • Diamond Products have an exclusive featured products section on the front page.
  • Our weekly e-newsletter gives higher priority and exposure to diamond products, followed by platinum, then gold.


What information should I provide when uploading a product?

When uploading a product the information you should include is an outline of features, applications and specifications. A picture in .png format is also recommended. For the best results with your product the information should be original content, and not copied from your website or other sources.

If you have any further questions about products please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.