1. 06.10.2020
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    As a publicist for the last 50 years, I read with a pinch of scepticism the multiple warnings the... Read More
  2. 06.10.2020
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    The Morrison government’s $1.5 billion manufacturing assistance package announced last week will... Read More
  3. 29.09.2020
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    The manufacturing sector is gradually acclimatising to the “COVID normal”, amid challenges with... Read More
  4. 22.09.2020
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    Specialised Textiles Association (STA) representing Australia’s textiles industry,  is in the... Read More
  5. 15.09.2020
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    It may be seen as a bit of an irony to suggest that there has never been a much better time for... Read More
  6. 09.09.2020
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    There isn’t a single industry that remains unaffected by COVID-19. During the period in which all... Read More
  7. 07.09.2020
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    How often do you purchase a new product, flick through the instructions and then throw them away?... Read More
  8. 02.09.2020
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    For one of Australia’s largest healthcare equipment manufacturers and wholesalers, the use of Tente... Read More
  9. 19.08.2020
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    The Victorian Government is calling for feedback to help in the implementation of Victoria’s... Read More
  10. 17.08.2020
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    The High Court has overturned a controversial decision by the Federal Court surrounding how... Read More