World’s first continuous rotating chain


Conventional handling and transport applications cannot operate without a “wasted run” or non-productive return run.  

This applies whether it’s small units on robots, pick-and-place applications, fast press feeders, large shelf-operating units or classic conveyer belts.

For such applications, igus has developed the first continually rotating energy chain in the world.

Available in Australia from Treotham, this complete ready-to-install module opens up new directions for machine construction.

Without superfluous start and return runs, the next position can now be directly approached in a continual movement. Loading and unloading, adhesion and drilling can then take place. 

The chains are lightweight and reliable, with speeds of up to 8m/s, allowing extremely fast machine cycle times to be realised.

The new C-Chain is made up of a low friction plastic energy chain with rotary table guidance connections. 

This moves easily and without vibration, with a supported upper run where necessary.

The new system provides sufficient filling space for a servo/motor cable, a control, bus or fibre optic cable.

The carriages are supplied with data, energy and information by an energy chain with connected rotary table guidance.

The chain moves lightly and with low wear in the guide housing to the first carriage station. There it feeds an all-round circular line, which all the carriages are fixed to.

Each carriage can be addressed individually using modern electronics and bus technology. It receives the respective signals to enable it to work as required – whether through a pneumatic valve, electric motor or sensors.

Each carriage can be triggered individually and can perform its tasks immediately at a pre-defined position.

Numerous different carriages can be connected to the continuously rotating chain. These can supply rotating grippers, suction cups or electro magnets.

The chain can pick up workpieces, hold them, adjust them and set them down again.

Regulation and control technology can also be on the carriage, supplied with data and power from a stable guidance system – designed for barcode or color detection readers through to RFID reading units.

Treotham Automation Pty Ltd
Ph: 02 9907 1778

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