Why airborne virus removal boosts industrial, food and logistics safety 



A laboratory-validated air filtration system can help help industry fulfil product purity and OH&S obligations to protect plant workers on-site and customers downstream by helping to neutralise the spread of viral and other airborne health hazards within process, packing, office, logistics, and distribution plants.

The US-patented, medical-grade system EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus from Clean Stream Technologies has been third-party Intertek laboratory tested to demonstrate its removal of 99.9 percent of airborne viruses down to 0.025 microns, according to Clean Stream Technologies.

The system, which kills virus’ multiple times smaller than the Covid-19 virus, is already proven in service in US professional health, food preparation and in consumer environments responding to the Covid pandemic and to other airborne health challenges, including different virus’, bacteria, pathogens, pollution, and seasonal allergens that affect millions of people in Australia and New Zealand.

Lab-tested to TGA international standards

EnviroKlenz is also 99.9 percent effective in neutralisation of gram-negative bacteria (E. Coli) and 99.9 percent effective against gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis), according to the testing by Intertek Labs, which is audited/accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 or equivalent Standard.

The German-manufactured system is engineered as a major step up from mass-market air purifiers,” Clean Stream Technologies general manager Scott Whittaker said.
“It is highly effective because it goes much further than standard purifiers by combining medically proven ultraviolet UVC germicidal irradiation with safe and effective earth mineral technology originally developed for the US military and still used today to destroy chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.” 

The purifier is also highly effective against pollution and smoke intruding from the street or immediate environment. “It also provides a highly visible reminder to customers, visitors and staff that the enterprise whose space they have entered is concerned to protect their health and wellbeing,” Whittaker added.

He stated that this can deliver a strong message to factory visitors and to staff in recognising that the company is taking active steps to protect them against multiple health hazards, including:

  • Airborne virus’ and bacteria. The laboratory testing is for a broad spectrum of viruses, including SARS-COV-2 (Covid). The size of virus’ against which it is effective are multiple times smaller than the Covid-19 coronavirus.
  • Chemicals and odours from cleaning agents, water damage or renovations that cause indoor air quality problems.
  • Mould or mildew from water damage in bathrooms or ductwork in industrial, commercial and industrial ductwork
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids or from carpets, furniture and other contributors to low IAQ scores (an asset rating that considers features that make it easier to achieve good indoor air quality)
  • Demand for severe allergy-friendly or allergy friendly accommodation and working environments hay fever (allergic rhinitis), which affects about 18 percent of people in Australia and New Zealand

“Sometimes the issue is excluding potential carriers of risk factors such as contagious conditions; sometimes the issue is to exclude the risk factors such as vehicle pollution, bushfire smoke and widespread allergens including pollen,” Whittaker said.
The compact, self-contained, wheeled unit runs quietly, producing around 55 to 60 decibels, depending on the fan speed. It cleans 93 sq m (1,000 sq ft) to 99.9% disinfection in under 18 minutes. When used in conjunction with a HVAC system, the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus turns over the air around 17 times an hour, which is equivalent to once every 3 minutes and 52 seconds.


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