WH&S Show 22: personalised and interactive


The anticipated return of the Workplace Health & Safety Show 2022, will see industry trailblazers and game-changing newcomers unite to present a series of live, interactive two-way learning experiences. These will cover all the latest trends, technologies and issues faced by Australian businesses today.

Taking place over two days 25-26 May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, this year’s comprehensive seminars and forums cover topics including innovation, technology, major hazards, wellbeing, mental health, and injury prevention. Additionally, attendees will discover 90+ exhibitors showcasing the latest resources, services and products for the safety industry in the exhibition. 

After a tumultuous two years, with the global pandemic taking a toll on mental health and leading to a restructuring of the modern workforce, Australia’s leading workplace health and safety event promises thought-provoking discussions and interactive forums on all the hot topics.

“We are excited to create a personalised and interactive space for professionals to hear from industry leaders on how best to foster healthy and safe work environments,” IEC Group Australia CEO, Marie Kinsella said.

The Free Education program will take place over two days with sessions held in the Knowledge Centre or on the Spotlight Stage. 

The full Fee Education Program includes:

DAY 1 - Wednesday 25 MAY

What does the future look like for Victorian business?
Presented by Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Speakers: Paul Guerra, Chief Executive Officer; Amy Bell- General Manager Workplace Relations; Anton Zytnik- Acting Manager, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Creating mentally healthy workplaces: Business case studies in primary prevention
Speakers: Jennifer Fry, Director of WorkWell, WorkSafe Victoria

Minimising the challenges to embrace technology
Speaker: David Miller, Business Development Manager, Skytrust

Changes to height safety management; A new holistic approach
Speaker: Scott Barber, CEO, WAHA

Mental Wellness begins with our care for others
John Toomey, CEO, Wide Awake Wellness

MSD Risk Analysis: A data-driven approach
Speaker: David Bick - Director of Professional Services, Joint Action Solutions

The missing links in Wellbeing.  A corporate Wellbeing checklist.
Carli Phillips BHSc, MBA, Wellbeing Keynote Speaker

Do you know your OHS Duties? 
Speaker: Cameron Hannebery- Special Counsel, Lander & Rogers

Workplace health & safety management, Powered by Microsoft
Speaker: Thai Phan - Head of Growth, Clade Solutions

Early Intervention: Why it’s critical to get it right
Speaker: James Murray- Founder and Managing Director, Work Healthy Australia

Meet the Inspectors from WorkSafe Victoria
WorkSafe Victoria Inspectors

DAY 2 - Thursday 26 MAY

Brain Chemistry: Impact on health, safety, mental wellbeing and performance
Speaker: Greg McLoughlin - Managing Director, Health by Design

Creating mentally healthy workplaces: Business case studies in primary prevention (repeat session)
Speakers: Jennifer Fry, Director of WorkWell, WorkSafe Victoria

Digitally transforming safety in the Workplace
Speaker: Corey Burford - Managing Director, Skytrust

The psychological stresses of prosecutions and how to manage them
Speaker: Alan Girle, Special Counsel, Macpherson Kelley

WorkSafe OHS essentials free consultancy program from Victorian small/medium employers
Gloria Morosinotto, Director, Contract Safety Solutions

Using wearable technology to reduce injury risk and improve RTW
Speaker: Scott Coleman - Managing Director, Preventure

Practical guide to preventing work-related back pain
Speaker: Mark Alexander- BPhty (Hons) MPhty (Sports) MBA

The destruction of a person's career and life expectations
Speaker: Mark Heaysman - CEO, Longitude6 Pty Ltd

Meet the Inspectors from WorkSafe Victoria
WorkSafe Victoria Inspectors

To register for your free ticket visit whsshow.com.au

What: Workplace Health & Safety Show Melbourne 2022
When:  Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 May 2022
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Entry: Free, registration required
Website: www.whsshow.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/whsshow
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WHSShow
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2ki76mX
Hashtag: #WHSS2022



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