Published 27-05-2021
| Article appears in June 2021 Issue

Where to buy genuine Australian Made product

Bits of Australia
Bits of Australia sells Australian Made gifts and homewares

The Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) is making it easier than ever for shoppers to find genuine Australian Made and Grown products, launching a ‘Where to buy Australian Made’ page on its website.

The go-to destination to find all things Aussie, the ‘Where to buy Australian Made’ page connects shoppers with Australian Made Retail Partners and Supporters from a wide variety of industries. From supermarkets and grocery to bedding and furniture, online gift stores and local markets, it has something for everyone.

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said: “We are thrilled to provide another pathway for Australian and overseas shoppers to connect with local retailers who are passionate about supplying Australian Made goods. There is an abundance of great Aussie products out there, and AMCL’s ‘Where to buy Australian Made’ webpage will help shoppers quickly find them.”

One Australian Made Retail Supporter and licensee, Bits of Australia, was launched in 2014 after Founder and Managing Director Micaela Smith, had trouble finding genuine Australian Made gifts to send to her partner’s family in the UK.

Ms Smith said: “At Bits of Australia, one of the benefits we provide for our customers is to make finding Australian Made products simple. We’ve curated an incredible range of gifts and homewares in one easy place for customers to browse and purchase just Australian Made. There’s no need to go searching.

“When Bits of Australia was established, one of the first things we did was to become an Australian Made Retail Supporter. It was a no-brainer, given our goal to create an open and transparent business that customers can have total trust and confidence in. We’re proud to have remained consistent with our focus on providing only genuine Australian Made products as well as being a licensee for nearly seven years.”

With both an online store and gift shop in Balmain, Sydney, Bits of Australia stocks hundreds of products proudly displaying the green and gold Australian Made logo.

Ms Smith said: “We’re all about helping people find that perfect gift, no matter what the occasion, and we think shopping for genuine Australian Made products makes gift-giving more meaningful. You get the opportunity to learn about the stories behind the products as well as giving back to hard-working local Australian businesses. It’s an extra-special factor when buying a gift or something for yourself.”

Australian Made’s website also allows users to search through thousands of genuine Australian Made products and buy direct from the maker or preferred retailer. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for great Aussie products, visit Australian Made’s website and check out the new ‘Where to buy Australian Made’ page here to supporter our local makers.

to learn more about becoming an Australian Made Retail Partner or Supporter, send an email to 

According to Roy Morgan research, 73% of Australians have a positive opinion of businesses that partner with the Australian Made logo, with 75% likely to purchase from retailers that partner with the iconic green and gold kangaroo.





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