Welders are among the most at-risk workers in the metal manufacturing industry. Welding fumes and their effects on health are some of the worst hazards to be encountered, and welders need to be especially aware and cautious about how to best reduce exposure.

Health and safety holds the highest importance in every workplace, and workers and employees alike need to ensure it is being upheld every day. To assist, Pro-Visual Publishing has teamed up with the Australian Industry (Ai) Group and the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation to release the Metal Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety 2020/21.

The guide, a 1m x 1m safety poster, provides further information relating to welding fumes as well as other critical safety issues in the Metal Manufacturing Industry, and features Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities that allow it to become digitally interactive.

In early 2017, welding fumes were reclassified as a group 1 carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The change was primarily due to the effects of UV exposure on skin and eyes, lung cancer, and limited evidence for kidney cancer from welding fume exposures.

Short and long-term exposure to fumes have a negative impact on a welder’s health, and can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, lung infections, asthma, lung damage and various cancers.

It is therefore important that welders understand the hazards of the materials they are working with, and the scale of exposure.

WHS Regulations require employees to provide information and training for workers on exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace. By downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, workers can use their smart device to scan any AR-capable content to access web links and PDF files.

For more information or to obtain copies of the Guide, contact Pro-Visual Publishing on 02 8272 2611 or visit

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