VisionSafe’s bright idea


Directing traffic can be hazardous even with the best of controls.

Having a highly visible traffic baton to assist the traffic controller enhances safety for all concerned.

VisionSafe’s range of traffic batons includes a series of robust batons in a variety of color combinations and sizes.

The batons are an improved version of VisionSafe’s standard traffic baton with lanyard. They are now larger with superior construction and come equipped with a belt clip.

One style of baton is has an inbuilt torch, while the others are available in three color combinations – green, red and a combination red and green.

These combination batons are fantastic as with the one baton you can signal either red or green at the flick of a switch on the ergonomically designed handle.

Each of these batons is designed to be operated at the touch of a button and are securely fastened to the wrist with the nylon lanyard.

When not in use they can be clipped safely to the user’s belt or waistband.

Ph: 08 9295 0624