Published 22-04-2021

Upping The Ante With Super XE Power Pro V Belts


One of the most efficient v-belts on the market ideal for peak performance is Optibelt’s new SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S v-belt.

It boasts innovative design and delivers extraordinary temperature resistance with the EPDM material.

This feature makes the Optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S ideal for the smallest pulley diameters, extreme temperature ranges, and high speeds of mechanical engineering.

The SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S cog shape is optimised for dynamic loads and can accommodate back bending idlers.

There is also its innovative cushion compound built into the belt which ensures perfect grip, hi-durability and top performance each time.

The SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S v-belt boasts 20 percent increase in power over the previous standard SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S design uper x model.

The SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S is maintenance free and enjoys a long service life. Even with high torque loads the performance is virtually silent.

SUPER XE-POWER PRO is the perfect choice for specialist Machinery manufacturers.

To find out more contact Optibelt on 03879 12700 or visit online



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