Collaborative robots continue to be a big trend in production and are used not only by major industrial players, but increasingly also by small and medium-sized businesses, as automation of sub-processes ensures that companies can be competitive in the market. Cobots work in close proximity with humans, and sensors, cameras and the energy supply system ensure the safety of the process.

igus has developed the three-dimensional triflex R e-chain series to ensure that cables and hoses are compactly and reliably guided in cobots. For a secure attachment of an e-chain or protective hose on a cobot, users can now rely on the new Lean Robotics clamps from Treotham. The universal retaining fixtures with Velcro fasteners are flexible in shape and adapt to any robotic arm. A slim design with rounded edges increases workplace safety by reducing the risk of injury when in contact with the cobot.

The Lean Robotics retaining fixture is attached directly on the arm in two steps: simply place the Velcro around the robot arm and fix it.

“Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the user has the opportunity to use the new retaining fixtures without any tools on any robot of their choice,” igus Head of Robotics Industry Management Matthias Meyer explains. “Thanks to the flexible plastic, they can also be installed on another cobot at any time. “Since we manufacture the clamps by injection moulding, they are very cost-effective.”

The new Lean Robotics retaining fixture will be available in three versions. The standard version has two continuously adjustable Velcro straps in a universal size and a rubber lining inside, so that the straps are fixed on the arm without the risk of slipping. This option is also available with a mounting bracket with and without strain relief. In a third option, the retaining fixture can also be equipped with a protector for additional security. The new retaining fixtures are suitable for use with the triflex R series TRC/TRE/TRL 30, 40 and 50 as well as for all commercially available protective hoses with different diameters.

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