Ultra-heat treatment (UHT) is an essential sterilisation technology in beverage production. But how does it work?

Now, SPX Flow can answer that question with its new fly-through animation video that explains the unique capabilities of its innovative Infusion UHT Express solution.

The animation takes viewers on a step-by-step journey that explains the critical features and functions offered by the Infusion UHT Express plant, especially its primary USP – the tight control and accuracy of the rapid heating and very short holding time. This tight temperature/time control ultimately protects the product’s natural characteristics, while ensuring a high bacteria spore kill rate.

Allan Hurup Vangsgaard, Global Product Manager UHT Systems at SPX Flow, explains: “To understand the benefits of our Infusion UHT Express system, you need to understand the configuration and operation of the system. This short video explains this in clear, simple terms!

“The viewer is left with no doubt that products will maintain the taste and quality needed to satisfy what are often multi-supplier markets – full of very discerning customers.

“To the average consumer, taste is everything, which is why the food and beverage industry must rely on technology that delivers repeatable quality. Our experience and expertise help our customers to meet these market challenges,” Vangsgaard explains, “which ultimately makes us the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading producers.

“In addition to the all-important high-quality end product, users appreciate our technology for its flexibility and ease of customisation, excellent efficiency, maximum uptime and high degree of safety– often beyond legal requirements.”

SPX Flow Technology
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