Published 04-03-2021
| Article appears in November 2020 Issue

Turning an ordinary box, jar or bottle into a tamper evident container

Harcor’s in-house specialists can assist with security label selection.

Due to the changes in local regulations, Australian scientists running quality control programs rapidly needed ways to ensure that all jars containing toxic waste and being collected for destruction were both security sealed and had not been subject to tampering. 

Instead of replacing the jars, simply adding a tamper evident label over the jar head, not only met the required level of security, it also had plenty of room to add signatures. New procedures required that the person sealing the jar had to sign the label.

This is just one example that illustrates how easy it is to add tamper evidence to a container. The label used to seal the jar was a HR residue security label from Harcor. 

It is ideal for multiple applications for most non-porous surfaces. The size and design of the container to be sealed will determine the quantity of labels needed.

Security labels are available in a variety of styles. Self-destruct labels work by breaking into fragments when removed to stop them from being replaced after application. 

The HR residue label shows a “void/open” message on the label face and container surface when removed. If a container is not going to be reused again, a HR residue security label could be ideal for the application.

The HNR non-residue security label does not leave a film behind on the surface; it does however show a void/open message on the label face when removed. This is perfect for use on containers that are going to be regularly reused.

Unique serial numbering is a security feature that enables traceability. Harcor is known for the proprietary track and trace technology used to manage serial numbering. This is used to prevent number duplication and enable fast tracking.

Harcor’s in-house specialists can assist with security label selection. 

Strategically located throughout Australia – with branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – Harcor works in partnership with clients to provide tailored solutions supported by the best possible service.

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