Turck wins approval for Ex area


Turck has achieved IEC Ex and ATEX approval for its TBEN-S and TBEN-L version IP67 block I/O modules to be used in Zone 2. 

The automation specialist is now the first supplier to enable cabinet-free decentralised automation solutions with IEC Ex and ATEX approvals. This significantly reduces labour costs as well as slashing wiring and commissioning time. When used with IP67 IMC interface devices, it is now possible to have cabinet-free connection of intrinsically safe signals from Zone 0 or 1.

Users can also implement cabinet-free safety, RFID, IO-Link, control or cloud solutions directly in Zone 2, since almost the entire TURCK Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem is offered in these designs. Users must install the TBSG-L, TBSG-S or IMC-SG protective housings when implementing the I/O modules in Zone 2; they provide protection against shock and from sparks caused by unsafe removal of cables. The range of applications with Ex zones includes painting, bottling or pharmaceutical plants as well as food industry and wood-processing plants.

The ARGEE field logic control software in the I/O modules enables self-contained applications to be implemented directly in Zone 2. This is particularly useful for retrofit applications because existing controller systems do not have to be changed. Condition monitoring and data analysis via cloud systems can now also be implemented from Zone 2 without the need for a control cabinet.



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