TURCK unveils new RFID read/write devices with IO-Link


TURCK has expanded its HF portfolio with three new IO-Link read/write devices, offering improved performance with password protection and condition monitoring. 

TURCK’s new RFID read/write devices with IO-Link come in three designs: M18 and M30 threaded barrel options; and a Q40 rectangular design. With the new devices, RFID can now be effortlessly integrated into existing IO-Link applications. The fast COM3 interface and 32-byte process data width enable HF readers to significantly improve the performance of IO-Link RFID systems. 

The devices also provide the option of password-protected access to data carriers, and RSSI signal strength recording for continuous quality control. The read/write devices can be operated in IO-Link mode or in standard I/O (SIO) mode.

In SIO mode, the devices still provide the password protection function for access control. This function is particularly useful for decentralised or autonomous applications because there is no need to employ a master, an RFID interface or a controller. This feature makes it possible to ensure only authorised persons have access to storage and retrieval machinery. 

Permanent measurement of RSSI signal strength enables monitoring of the functional reserve in the RFID application. If a defined threshold value is not met, the alarm output switches, enabling early detection of range loss in tags or other disruptive factors such as interference from metals. This condition monitoring function can also be easily retrofitted in existing applications. 

Device parameters are easily set with TURCK’s IO-Link masters because they already contain the stored IODD. All three read/write devices – the TN-M18-IOL2-, the TN-M30-IOL2 and the TN-Q40-IOL2 – utilise the same IODD. Moreover, configuration, parameterisation and function testing is possible via a web interface without additional tools.



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