Published 11-10-2021
| Article appears in October 2021 Issue

Troax Expands to Australia


TROAX of Sweden announces establishment of Australian subsidiary, Troax Safety Systems Pty Ltd.

TROAX is the global leader for design, manufacture and supply of protective fencing, machine guarding, warehouse protection and property storage systems.

Through a network of global partners TROAX already has a strong position in the Australian market and with the establishment of the Australian operations the company aims to grow this position through the development of local technical expertise and improved supply lead times.

With the increasing focus on safety, security, and productivity the TROAX range of innovative solutions are well positioned to support Australian industry needs in the growing sectors of E-commerce and automated warehouses, data centres, robotics and machine guarding as well as a variety of mining and construction related safety applications.

“We are excited about the innovative products and solutions that TROAX can bring to the Australian market. Developing world class technical support and customer service to serve our existing and new clients will be our focus” says Stephen Brock, Managing Director for TROAX in Australia.

“The strong Australian culture around workplace health and safety aligns with our corporate principles and goals. As such it feels like a natural step for TROAX to be developing a leading presence there” comments Michael Standar, Regional Director Asia-Pacific for TROAX.


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