Transmissions with Italian style and quality


BYPY Transmissions distributes nationally the Bondioli & Pavesi range of PTO products and transmissions.

Founded in Suzzara, Italy in 1950, Bondioli & Pavesi was the first company to produce a complete driveline system for the agricultural sector. This has been achieved with unique design and innovative improvements to its driveline systems.

Today, with representation in over 50 countries and accounting for over 80 per cent of its turnover, Bondioli & Pavesi remains number one in the world Professionals in Motion.

BYPY Transmissions was formed when Norwood Agriculture Pty Ltd Group, a leading distributor and retailer of tractors in New Zealand, acquired BYPY Australia Pty Ltd.

Bondioli & Pavesi product has been distributed in Australia since the mid 1960s and has served the needs of the agricultural sector since.

Its products have been chosen by OEM’s worldwide for their reliability and conformity to the most stringent standards in the world – the CE Standard.

BYPY Transmissions now distributes a full range of gearboxes with horsepower’s ranging from 12Hp-450 Hp and an assortment of ratios “T” gearboxes under the Bondioli name.

It also offers Bima Parallel Shaft gearboxes to compliment a large range of PTO shafts and ancillary products at its Dandenong (Victoria) National distribution centre.

BYPY Transmissions
Ph: 1800 0330793