| Article appears in August 2021 Issue

A tough and ready new identity for a ruggedly reliable Australian pressure cleaner


You’d be hard pressed to find a workshop, factory, farm or mine site in Australia that hasn’t been cleaned by a
SPITWATER pressure cleaner over the last 39 years.

The rare Australian manufacturing success story is on the verge of its 40th year but isn’t spending too much time
reflecting on the past.

A series of innovations and new products coupled with a new visual identity and marketing campaign is keeping the
ruggedly reliable SPITWATER, and the teams that live and breathe the brand, fully focused.

SPITWATER distributors in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and dealers Australia-wide are proudly
promoting a new look logo, colour scheme and brand promise on their buildings, vehicles and, indeed, the SPITWATER
pressure cleaners themselves.

“It’s been some decades since we’ve updated the brand. We are doing it now because we want to create a new and
exciting future for the next generation,” says Prue Martinotti, General Manager of the Spitwater Australia factory in
Albury, NSW.

The new branding is being launched with marketing campaigns celebrating the ‘Same rugged reliability. Brand new look
and just how “Tough + Ready” a SPITWATER is to do the dirty work.

SPITWATER is an enduring manufacturing success story in Australia, where most competitor products are produced
offshore and made with global markets in mind.

SPITWATER’s Australian-ness is central to its values. Being an owner of a SPITWATER is being a customer for life. Innovation
suggestions are taken from customers, ensuring that the company builds resolutely to get the job done for Australian

The factory that has been producing SPITWATER high pressure cleaners since the 1980s is undergoing a rebrand too, with
new signage already in place in Albury.

The factory brand and name going forward will be OTTICO Equipment, a blend of the founders’ family name ‘Martinotti’
and the word ‘company’, representing the innovative culture originally created by the Martinottis and continually
shaped by the collaborators and contributors that have made SPITWATER what it is today.

The new OTTICO Equipment name creates a distinct identity for the factory so it can broaden its product scope and
develop its other brands, the likes of JETFIRE space heaters, VACSTORM vacuum cleaners and so on, whilst still innovating
and improving the jewel in the crown, SPITWATER.

OTTICO Equipment supplies major multinationals and has successful export partnerships with well-known brands
worldwide. It is a significant employer for the district on the border of NSW and Victoria, with some team members dating
back to its inception.
The entrepreneurial spirit tha

t started it all has made an indelible mark on Australian manufacturing. This is a deep
passion and purpose that persists through the next generation who are at the helm today.

Of pride is the number of small Australian family businesses built on the back of a SPITWATER. Seeing the likes of roof
cleaners and rural contractors start successful family enterprises using something originally created in Albury is particularly
rewarding for everyone involved.

Even with the brand changes and innovations, the core of SPITWATER remains unchanged. Same owners and the same
teams, producing the same ruggedly reliable quality Australian manufactured products and solutions.



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