Tool presetters key to quality and productivity

Zoller Smile
The Zoller Smile Compact (above) and Zoller Venturion (below).

Through their ability to precisely measure any tool off-line, with micron accuracy, tool presetters boost productivity and improve quality. Machine uptime is optimised and tool life is maximised, as a CNC machine is able to keep cutting.

Tool presetters provide three key features in the one machine: measuring, presetting, and inspecting tools. They save set-up time, improve accuracy and produce better quality parts while minimising scrap.

A state-of-the-art image processing system measures the cutting edges of tools in seconds, then saves and documents the measurement results so time-wasting fine adjustments are a thing of the past.

Adjustable boring bars can be easily set with micron precision in less than a minute, which in turn eradicates frustrating “trial and error” cutting. Tool run-out can also be checked and cutting inserts inspected using the on-board inspection camera.

“Presetting and measuring allows for shorter fitting times and greater productivity. While your machine works you can get the next tool ready. Thanks to correctly preset tools, the very first part will be of the highest quality. You can also be confident the tool will perform perfectly until the end of the tool life, thereby minimising the chance of rejects,” said Dimac Managing Director Paul Fowler.

Dimac is the sole distributor for Zoller; acknowledged as the premium manufacturer of tool presetters. Zoller is a German brand founded by Alfred Zoller; the company is still run by the Zoller family – now in its third generation. Since 1968, more than 28,000 presetting and measuring machines as well as tool measuring machines with worldwide unrivalled software solutions have been sold. Zoller also markets a range of EZset tool presetters.

Dimac has had a long, successful association with the company, which started when Mr Fowler met Christoph Zoller at Austech in 2007. Following a number of discussions, Mr Zoller was confident of Dimac’s ability to successfully market their brand in Australia and New Zealand and Dimac was duly appointed sole distributor for the EZset range.

EZset are assembled with high quality brand name components, such as Bosch pneumatic components, THK guides and Heidenhain Glass Scales to ensure a long, maintenance-free lifetime. Equipped with image processing based on the newest technology available, a precise tool mounting spindle and numerous measurement functions, EZset sets the benchmark in cost effective tool presetting outside of a CNC machine tool.

“Right from the start, the working dedication, eagerness to learn the product and focus on our brand gave me a very good impression of Mr Fowler and his business. Over the years we have met numerous times at trade shows where our relationship has strengthened. Having successfully marketed our EZset brand it made perfect sense to award distribution of our premium Zoller band to Dimac for both AUS and NZ markets,” Mr Zoller said.

Regardless of the model chosen, all Zoller presetters feature the highest quality components that include a high-precision freely accessible tool holder spindle, state-of-the-art optics, leading image processing technology and comfortable and easy to use ergonomic control units.

“We’ve been distributing German manufactured tool presetters for a number of years and these have enabled many CNC operators to improve their productivity and quality. Offering the choice of both the EZset and Zoller range ensures we can cater to all market segments; no matter what your requirements or budget, we are confident we will now have a presetter to suit your needs perfectly,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

In addition to offering an extensive range of models, both EZset and Zoller offer extensive hardware and software options to suit individual operators’ production needs.

Both brands have a range of optional features that includes a direct link via ethernet to various CNC machines. This facilitates the direct transfer of a measured tool’s library of results, thus eliminating the potential of damaging data entry errors.

“Precisely measured cutting tools deliver at least a 15% increase in productivity in your manufacturing processes. The initial investment in a tool presetting device is quickly returned through the increased productivity, higher quality and less waste. They are easy to operate and will save a company time and money,” Mr Fowler concluded.


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