Ruggedly engineered collapsible Pronal multi-fluid tanks, available now from Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd, respond to the kind of storage challenges typically encountered on infrastructure development and remote production sites.

These locations need fuel, hydrocarbons, drinking water, firefighting and chemical process solutions and wastewater and fluid storage.

The flexible Pronal transport and storage tanks fold up to a fraction of their inflated size for transport by land, sea or air to their point of use. They can then be deployed for fixed periods or permanently to provide fluids vital to safety, construction and process needs in a cost-effective way.

Available in capacities from a few hundred litres up to 1000m cubed depending on the application, this high quality technology is simple, quick to deploy and cost-effective in containing solutions vital to industry. According to Air Springs Supply national sales and marketing manager James Maslin, the tanks also work to protect the environment.

“Flexible storage tanks can be rapidly deployed, are easy to install and are maintenance-free,” he says.

“Pronal flexible storage tanks represent an ideal and economical solution for a wide range of activities, costing less than half the outlay required for fixed installations and capable of being installed in a fraction of the time.”

The tanks can also transport any type of liquid when mounted on truck flatbeds, by suspension under helicopter or by towing behind a vehicle, he says.

“Some versions can be dropped from the air from a height of several tens of metres.”

Pronal tanks are manufactured to stock and custom sizes by international elastomer and plaster engineering specialist Pronal, whose top quality, light-but-tough tanks and lifting products are used in industrial and resource development and by military, emergency response, aviation and exploration organisations.

Applications for the tanks are as diverse as water, chemical, industrial sludge, agricultural and food and beverage processing, as well as fluid storage emplacements in urban, agricultural, desert and isolated, ecologically sensitive areas.

Uses of Pronal elastomer and plaster technology also extend through to aircraft, rail and road vehicle crash recoveries and isolated land and maritime applications. Pronal is the company that developed the lifting bags used to recover components of the liner Titanic from four kilometres beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Also known as flexible bladders or covers, they are made from either elastomer or plastomer depending on their application. The tanks are reinforced with extra-strong textile reinforcement, which Maslin says effectively makes them highly tear-resistant.

“Many organisations have an ongoing need for quickly expandable ways to transport liquids to remote sites or points of need,” he says.

“Not all organisations have the budget or need for vehicles, vessels or aircraft dedicated to liquids transport, particularly when they can use existing general purpose vehicles, including 4WDs, Utes and trucks.”

Maslin says Pronal bags are particularly robust thanks to vulcanised or welded joints, while military storage and lifting bags are constructed to NATO standards. Pronal water tanks provide self-supporting closed storage. Created with high-resistance technical issues, they guarantee the long-term storage of clean water protected from all contamination and evaporation, which is a major problem in hot outback areas. Their fabric allows them to withstand high temperatures.

The lightweight, foldable tanks are fitted with longitudinal skirts and adjustable straps to provide maximum safety during transport. Snap hooks are provided for quick installation on the decks of trucks, allowing the vehicle to be quickly adapted to other purposes when it comes back empty.

The tank is simply rolled or folded up on the deck, leaving plenty of loading space. Accessories are designed for quick filling and emptying.

In addition to being particularly suited to the transportation of fuel to remote sites, the tanks can be filled with any other liquid for the simplest uses: drinking water, liquid manure or industrial solutions.

The Pronal rage also includes rapid deployment 5 cu m modules for drinking water production from fresh water by ultrafiltration. Pronal transportable tanks protect their contents by stopping contact with air and preventing microbial, bacterial or fungicidal development.

For local authorities and other industrial organisations using pickup trucks, the Pronal range offers versions that are shaped to fit the vehicles’ bodies.

Pronal is one of the world’s most experienced and respected producers of flexible products used to lift, push, press, seal and store. Founded in 1961 and headquartered near Lille in northern France, Pronal builds standard and customised flexible products from fabrics coated with elastomer and/or polymer.

Pronal’s Australian distributor, Air Springs Supply, is Australia’s leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors.

Air Springs Supply
02 8877 5500

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