Published 18-03-2021
| Article appears in April 2021 Issue

T-boxes: Treotham has them down to a T


If you’re in need of a solution for industrial applications that require the distribution of power and control signals, Treotham has a ready-to-use, customisable device just for you: the new ILME T-junction box CYG 9KAXI3.

The pre-assembled system includes three compact bulkhead mounting housings with Class stainless steel locking lever and anti-ageing gasket (CKAX 03 I) mounted on a robust UV-resistant aluminium distribution box (APV 9), offering a reliable construction suitable for outdoor use and an IP66/67 degree of protection.

Thanks to its structure, it allows a power/signal bus line on the pair of aligned connectors and a derivation line on the third one, which can be disconnected, avoiding any bus line interruption and making it perfect for daisy-chain distribution systems.

 The T-Box can be used with the whole range of compact 21.21 ILME inserts and hoods, and can be supplied in a variant for aggressive environments, and for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), according to your installation requirements.



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