Published 17-06-2021
| Article appears in August 2021 Issue

Swift-Cut Pro 3000 plasma cutting table released

plasma cutting table

Hare & Forbes has released the UK manufactured Swift-Cut PRO 3000, a feature packed 125amp plasma cutting table.

Incorporating a US manufactured Hypertherm Powermax 125 plasma system for continuous operation, the cutter has the ability and power to precision cut all metals of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 25mm, including stainless and mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc and more.

An industry “first” is a unique Dynamic Cut Control (DCC) which is available on all Swiftcut PRO machines. This feature enables software control of cutting amps and air pressure, with error messages, air pressures and critical data from the plasma unit displayed on the Swiftcut control screen.

A soft sense Digital Torch-Height Control (DTHC) gives quick response for improved cut quality and improved torch consumable life. This unique touch sensing is so soft and accurate, even the thinnest sheet metal will not deflect while sensing.

Gantry parking allows a full sheet to be loaded overhead, while a dropped rail makes for ease of loading and access for simple maintenance.

The free-standing operator’s console screen enables error messages, air pressures and critical data from the plasma unit to be displayed. The console is equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse and an external USB and network port is provided for transfer of files and network connection. 

Swift-Marker option

Optional machine upgrades include a Swift-Marker Unit. This integrated pneumatic marker helps to avoid costly second operations by automatically marking part numbers, serial numbering of parts and other text, fold lines and locating centre marks on components prior to profiling. This option can be fitted on any machine to achieve marking of plates and cutting, all in one unmanned process.

Swift-Cut’s easy to use software means that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers will be capable of operating the CNC plasma cutting system. Minimal training means the machine will be operational almost immediately, maximising output from the start.

With a robust, steel fabricated, fully welded frame and free-standing operators console, this 3000mm table machine is ideal for workshops, metal fabricators, educational establishments, designers and artists.  

Hare & Forbes is the exclusive distributor for Swift-Cut in Australia and New Zealand and an authorised partner of Hypertherm Inc, supplying genuine systems, parts and consumables. 

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