Support for Australian Manufacturing on the Rise


The general public view manufacturing as vital to our nation’s economy and critical to maintaining our high-living standards according to recent research carried out by the Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

When comparing data gathered pre-COVID-19 to today, it was evident that support for the manufacturing industry is on the rise.

The AMGC report, which can be accessed here: highlighted the following:

• 72% (+7% from 2019) of Australians believe manufacturing is important, or very important to the economy. (Page 9)

• Double the number of respondents believe manufacturing will get stronger in the coming years, compared to responses in 2019. (Page 20)

• 79% of Australians perceive trade and export of manufactured goods are important to the economy. (Page 9)

• Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia rate manufacturing more highly than the Eastern States. (Page 10)

• The importance of manufacturing is rated more highly in regional areas, compared to metro. (Page 10)

• 69% (+6% from 2019) of Australians believe manufacturing is important to maintain our standard of living. (Page 11)

• Manufacturing perceived as the 7th most important industry to the Australian economy (+4 from 2019) relative to other industries. [NB: the top six industries amongst others are also manufacturing]. (Page 12)

• The appreciation of manufacturing and its importance increases with age, for example, ~85% of Australians over 65 agree manufacturing is important to the local economy. (Page 13)

• 80% of Australians believe it is important to purchase local products where possible (Page 18) • 63% believe these products are of higher quality and 58% noted that locally made products were worth paying a premium for. (Page 18)

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