CeMAT, the international intralogistics trade fair, is coming to your house. Forced to postpone its 2020 event, CeMAT Australia has partnered with warehouse automation experts Fuzzy LogX to deliver a nine-part interactive online series focused on future-proofing warehouses.

The excessive demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses scrambling to fill gaps in their supply chains. International routes have been hardest hit by lockdowns and social distancing, with many companies out of product and out of pocket, while others have been burdened with excess inventory.

The ramifications for workers, distribution and fulfilment profiles, shipping methods and demand prediction analytics are likely to be felt for a long time to come.

In CeMAT’s view, the situation has provided a timely lesson on the need for contingency and agility.

Meanwhile, intralogistics technology continues to advance and evolve at a rapid rate. With the right knowledge and the best practices, businesses of every size can design warehouses and distribution systems that can adapt and scale when needed.

CeMAT and Fuzzy LogX’s new series of webinars promise to take attendees step-by-step through each facet of warehouse design and improvement, from receiving and inventory management to putaway and replenishment, as well as picking, packing and dispatch.

The series will feature insights and innovations that can take a warehouse of any size to new levels of scalability, efficiency and resilience during and beyond times of crisis. Included will be how-to guides, best practices, case studies and a panel discussion.

Attendees will be encouraged to interact by submitting questions both ahead of – and in real-time, during – a session.

The series premiere, From Ugly Duckling to Black Swan, premieres at 4pm on Thursday, May 7, and features Bas Schilders, Jeffrey Triantafilo and Sigma Healthcare’s Peter Petito.

To sign up for all nine episodes, visit

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