Sub Deal Good for Industry


Mainstream media reports on the AUKUS submarine agreement, and what it will mean for Australian industry and manufacturers, have left me somewhat bewildered – with much of the media content being both uninformed and speculative.
Emulating US or UK design, the programme will deliver thousands of jobs and upskilling of employees. It presents an enormous opportunity for growth in the Australian manufacturing sector.
For this edition, we interviewed Richard Price from Defence SA who provided ample clarity on the situation.
The Chief Executive of Defence SA since October 2017, Mr Price has worked within the defence and public safety sectors for over 25 years and has international industry experience in leadership, business development and engineering.
“Hundreds of people are already being added into the shipbuilding industry to meet today’s projects,” Mr Price said during our interview. “Outside of the nuclear-related systems, there is a lot of similarity with a conventional submarine in terms of industrial processes and construction. Another area is the combat system where Australian workers have great expertise.” Mr Price said.
“The sheer fact that these submarines are 75% bigger in gross tonnage than the previous plan - this alone show you there is many more hours of work required in construction.”
An enlightening perspective and great news for our sector and Australia as a whole. For more, look to this issue’s cover story.
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