Published 06-10-2020
| Article appears in October 2020 Issue

Streamline your warehouse packaging


The warehouse needs to be running smoothly as it is a major thoroughfare during the packaging process and especially it is where new stock from suppliers are always received and managed.

It is definitely the space where inventory is organised, customer orders are picked, packed and shipped, and where store returns and holds on future products happen.

That’s why it is so important to get your warehouse operating as efficiently as possible. 

For businesses who spend considerable time packaging goods for posting, storage and transport it’s time to start streamlining the packaging process.

By streamlining your packing processes your company will be able to improve efficiency.



Customise your workstations for each aspect of the packaging process.

Set up each workstation to be tidy and as ergonomic as possible to save on repetitive strain or workplace accidents.

Customising your packaging will save money on the wastage of consumables and freight and your products will take up less space in your warehouse. 


Right tools for the job

Preparing goods properly for transport and storage ensures that your items arrive at their destination without damage and builds trust in your brand.

It’s worth auditing the workspace to check if you are using the right tool for the job and that staff are trained to use the tool efficiently and safely.

There are many tools designed to package many different items for many different circumstances.

Ergonomic and efficient hand tools that apply strapping, tapes, heat seals and pallet wrapping are a fantastic cost-efficient option for streamlining process on smaller production lines.

As an example of the right tools for the job, for mailroom activities even a simple tool such as the bubble wrap dispenser frame and cutter assembly will save on materials and cut down handling time.

Dispensers for bubble wrap, Kraft paper and tapes come as benchtop tools, wall-mounted or on mobile stands.

Your choice of tool will be dependent on how your packing room is configured and whether you have enough bench space or need a flexible location.


Streamline your packing processes with automated solutions

If your production line is getting busier, a move to an automated system will be your logical next step.

By adopting semi to fully automated machinery you will improve productivity and be able to expand your operations.

As the volume of production increases due to the growth of your business upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine or a carbon strapping machine may be in order.

Automated carton strapping machines take seconds to strap each item saving on waste, time and handling difficulties.

The same can be said for pallet wrapping machinery.

Each machine is programmed to minimise waste and speed up packaging time.

Machines reduce the need for extra staff, saving on employment costs.

While machines may seem like a large expense, in the long run, they pay for themselves by saving on consumables, increasing load security, decreasing loss and damage and saving on staff down-time due to strain and injury.


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