Published 22-09-2021
| Article appears in October 2021 Issue

Steel yourselves…


New Elesa stainless steel hinges in AISI 304 grade join the company’s existing ranges in both 304 and 316 grades, offering high strength for heavy doors as well as excellent corrosion resistance.

These are especially suited to enclosure installations in arduous environments, such as pharmaceutical labs, kitchens, hospitals, processing and packaging.

Also agriculture, marine, offshore, petrochemical plants, coastal/seaside and other outdoor applications where weathering is a major concern.

Various types of externally mounted flap-type hinges include the new CMM-TR-SST with optional flap configurations – also the new GN 7237 parallelogram style hinge series for internal fitment to enclosures and cabinets.

304 grade stainless steel contains chromium and nickel for good corrosion resistance while 316 grade (CMM-SST) has additional molybdenum for increased corrosion resistance in marine environments.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at:


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