Fanquip’s stainless-steel air circulators are reliable at meeting strict temperature control requirements to satisfy the demand of industrial companies wanting to maintain better working conditions for staff without compromising hygiene standards.

Being made from stainless steel, they have a very long lifespan and not only lower the temperature of a site but also provide air movement to reduce condensation.

Fanquip’s completely stainless-steel air circulators include stainless steel guards, stainless-steel motors and stainless-steel brackets for complete rust proofing and cleanliness.

Any components that are not stainless steel are made of inert plastic, so as to completely eliminate any potential to cause contamination to the product it is working around.

Units are available with blade diameters of 460, 630 and 810mm, and Fanquip reckons they have the highest air output of any air circulator on the Australian market.

The technology is rated as IP56 (for 240V) and IP69 (for 415V) hose proof, allowing the complete wash down of the equipment at regular intervals without causing any damage whatsoever.

The hosing aspect enables Fanquip stainless-steel air circulators to have a long lifespan.

It is a completely relocatable product, therefore allowing the user to reposition the item as often as necessary to where it is most effective.

Because of the threat of airborne spores, many sensitive industries such as the food production sector cannot afford to take the risk with air-conditioned equipment.

This makes the Fanquip air circulator the obvious solution; and to have the advantage of stainless steel that lasts for years is a major asset to any operation.

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