Boker’s produces nonstandard and customised square and rectangular washers and spacers that provide secure fastening, high turn resistance and even load distribution - even in the tightest clearances. The square and rectangular washers are manufactured from a wide range of materials, with a wide choice of bolt and ID sizes, and in OD sizes up to 305mm (12in) square. Thicknesses range from 0.127 to 4.8mm (0.005 to 0.190in).

“Like round washers, square washers are often used to distribute torque loads in secure fastening applications,” said Chuck Kersey, Assistant Sales Manager. “But precision stamped square and rectangular washers offer the added advantage of being able to work in more restricted spaces and can be used to provide edge-to-edge contact to resist turning.”

Square washers are also widely used as shims, separating the bolt crown from the load being anchored, reducing the likelihood of deformation when tightening, and helping to keep joining surfaces undamaged. This bushing or packing approach is often used in the construction industry or to act as a force-countering support in fastener rods and complex part profiles.

Square and rectangular washers are increasingly used as higher-performance alternatives to round washers in applications subject to vibration. These range from industrial machinery to aerospace and from washing machines to automotive applications.

The square washer effectively expands the diameter of the bolt’s head, thereby improving load dispersal and turning resistance. This helps to maintain fastening integrity, protecting and prolonging the life of connected parts.

Boker’s square and rectangular washers are custom produced to order in short, medium and long runs with fast delivery and minimal tooling costs. 3D prototypes are available.

Options include more than 2000 metallic and nonmetallic materials, including low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper. Metal finishes include black oxide, nickel and zinc.

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