Spitwater hot water blasters – the solution to your cleaning problems


Cleaning machinery and equipment after a tough day on the job is a problem. Heavy dirt and often clay, as well as stubborn oil and grease, are difficult to remove. This is where Spitwater, heavy-duty, industrial hot water high pressure cleaners really come into their own. Designed and built in the Albury manufacturing plant, Spitwater hot and cold water pressure cleaners offer solutions for big, difficult cleaning jobs. The range of machines available can cater for any size cleaning job, big or small: from single truck skid-steer loader owner/operator to a large company with multiple trucks and excavators.

The heart of all Spitwater machines is the brass head pump with ceramic pistons – ideal for our water conditions. Nothing that touches water will corrode. In the case of electric machines, the pump is direct-coupled to an electric, single phase, 240V or three-phase 415V motor.

One of the largest and most popular hot/cold machines, Model SW2021, 21 L/min, 3,000 psi blaster requires a 20 Amp power outlet, making this a serious cleaning machine. Petrol and diesel engine powered fully portable models are also available.

They are designed for large operations where it is more convenient to take the cleaner to the large excavators for easier cleaning. All machines are manufactured in a locally made zinc-annealed and powder-coated chassis, some with the red, Spitwater trademark powder-coated cover and some with the stainless steel cover.

All Spitwater hot/cold machines are fitted with a large water-cooling tank. This tank acts like a radiator in a car and is designed to allow full, 100% water by-pass in trigger-closed mode. This is real protection from pump over-heating.

Competitive models offer a feed tank but by-pass water back, directly, to the pump head. The Spitwater cooling tank is a genuine by-pass tank with water being drawn from and returned to it when the trigger is closed and the machine is operating.

To heat pressurised water, the machine is fitted with, ½ inch diameter, genuine, seamless, mild steel or optional stainless steel heating coil, made at the Spitwater manufacturing plant. The coil is fitted to the machine in a horizontal position, allowing for cleaner burning, less sooting and longer coil life.

Using chemicals, such as truck wash or degreaser is simple – all machines are fitted with an adjustable chemical dispenser venturi and a chemical container. Machine controls are very simple: machine on/off switch, burner switch, temperature regulating thermostat and detergent metering control are all located on the machine control panel.

All machines are supplied standard with a 10 metre, heavy-duty, 3/8 inch diameter, high pressure hose, high quality, heavy duty guns with back part lance and a dual front lance with a high and low pressure valve and fixed nozzles.

Optional accessories available for these machines include longer hose lengths at 15, 20, 30 or 40m; a hose reel that mounts conveniently on the machine for easier hose storage; a turbo lance which will increase the washing effect of the machine, and a foam gun for easier and more detergent application.

Spitwater hot/cold models are absolutely ideal for many cleaning applications including machinery and equipment, truck fleets, large workshops and on-farm use. They are built tough for tough Australian working conditions and will remove heavy dirt and grease with ease.


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