Published 25-11-2021

SMC Goes with the Flow


Australia/ New Zealand - The PF3A8#H-L is the latest addition to SMC’s flow switch family. Designed to cover a large flow measurement range, this modular flow sensor features a clear and easy to read 4-screen display - crucial in monitoring the condition of the main line, branch, or specific equipment.

Offering a 100:1 flow ratio, the PF3A8#H-L can detect small leaks (10LPM or more), monitor main line air consumption (up to 2000LPM) and pressure while simultaneously measuring air pressure and temperature.
The accuracy of information sits at the heart of the PF3A8#H. The 3-colour and 2-line screen display can rotate in increments of 90° allowing operators to take notes and set the flow switch whilst checking the measured value.

Guiomar Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager at SMC Corporation Australia New Zealand believes that the true benefit of this component lies in its ability to offer more detailed information thanks to its IO-link compatibility (together with switchable NPN/PNP output). “We are able to offer more Extensive and permanent condition monitoring of an application’s performance to better enhance efficiencies and productivity.”
She adds: “We are always listening to our customers and seeking ways to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs. This next generation modular flow switch offers greater flexibility and functionality, while being very simple to set and operate. This, coupled with low air loss, makes the PF3A8#H-L the ideal product for those who Want to digitalise their processes and care about energy efficiency.”

Through a bore type structure made of aluminium alloy, the PF3A8#H is incredibly durable. “This modular design reduces the required installation space, piping and wiring work. The brackets allow the flow switch to be retrofitted on steel pipes systems and into legacy SMC’s air service units. All the process data (flow, pressure, temperature) as well as identification and configuration data for the PF3A8#H-L is transmitted with a single M12 standard connector (no special IO-link cable is required)” Guiomar concludes.



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