Smart solution for small spaces


Manufacturing companies, automotive establishments, service technicians and trade/retailers can now store tools and components efficiently and conveniently in small spaces.

Actistor Rolling Panels, made in Australia by Defence Recognised Supplier, Actisafe effectively provide more surface storage area.

Users get a system of parallel storage faces, which slide in and out as required. These can have single face or double face configuration.

Tools that were previously mounted on workshop walls or trade depots can be stored within Actistor Rolling Panels, occupying a space about the same size as an average industrial cabinet.

Users can arrange equipment in a wide variety of ways, with a clear view of tools and components guaranteed.

The product can be supplied in any size, color or configuration, according to requirements.

Made from steel, Actistor Rolling panels and frames are powder coated at Actisafe’s coating plant to withstand the elements and prevent rust.

Even its castor rollers are industrial strength with long life bearings to ensure long, continuous operation, even on a 24/7 duty cycle.

More than 100 different hooks, tools and brackets are available as part of the package to ensure every type of tool can be mounted on the face panels.

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