Sky-High Precision with BOKER’S Fastening Components


As the global aerospace industry evolves, new challenges emerge.

Production delays, manufacturing materials shortages and even counterfeit parts, can keep your fleet grounded.

Aerospace OEMs and their supply chains demand manufacturing partnerships with the highest levels of precision, quality management and performance.

A highly qualified provider must maintain the highest levels of production readiness.

With the strong understanding of the unique requirements of the aerospace industry, BOKER’s is the best in class manufacturer of aerospace-grade fastening components.

Precision stampings, washers, spacers and shims are just some of BOKER’s wide variety of products that help industry professionals solve engineering challenges very quickly.

BOKER’s quality management system is certified to AS 90100 2016 and ISO 9001 2015, the highest international measure of quality in the aviation space and defence industries.

BOKER’s industry leading manufacturing facilities and capacity offers expedited custom design capabilities in a variety of tolerances.

Immediate access to over two thousand commonly used and hard to find materials and a dedicated quality assurance team.

The stringent demands of aerospace OEM aren’t easily met, but BOKER’s is up to the task.

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