Enmin, Australia’s market leader in vibratory equipment, is set to optimise food production processes with its new electromagnetic vibratory hopper feeder.

Whether you need accurate delivery of product or a controlled method of introducing a secondary product on to a production line, Enmin’s robust, compact units deliver bulk dry ingredients at a metered rate.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the electromagnetic hopper feeder is fully customisable to meet any specifications. Its 304 stainless steel construction gives it all the durability and reliability that food production demands. 

“Coming up with custom-designed engineering solutions is something that we excel at, and that’s why so many of our customers return to us time and time again,” says Enmin’s general manager Anthony Gallaher.

The hopper feeder features a manual gate to control the product bed depth, adjustable controller speed to provide fine product rate accuracy, and a hygienic storage and delivery system that significantly reduces manual handling and food wastage.

Retractable steps are included to ensure production-line staff can easily and safely access the hopper.

High-speed filling and pinpoint accuracy are made possible by Enmin’s proven LD3 electromagnetic drive, coupled within the unit with a multi-function controller that tunes to accurate frequency bands.

“Our company electromagnetic hopper feeders are engineered to optimise a company’s food production processes,” Gallaher says. “Our ability to custom-design units to customers’ exact specifications ensures that production efficiencies and staff productivity are maximised.”

With its mobile design and minimal footprint, the Enmin hopper feeder is easily integrated into modular turnkey systems, or can be used as a standalone unit.


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