Serious sound from Stanley


Offering the latest in passive hearing protection technology for active lifestyles, the Sync Stereo Earmuff from Stanley delivers the ultimate in personal hearing protection.

Featuring acoustical earcup design, volume management technology and high-fidelity stereo sound, the Stanley Sync delivers the proper levels of hearing protection in hazardous noise environments.

Sync stereo earmuffs optimise new designs and technologies that provide both hearing protection and true listening enjoyment, without compromising on hearing protection or sound quality.

The Sync can be used with a users’ own MP3 player, mobile phone and other personal audio devices, making it ideal for use at work or at home.

The technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber enhances bass sounds that are typically sacrificed in industrial stereo earmuffs, and there are no volume knobs or power switches to coordinate or batteries to replace.

Featuring a SLC80 rating of 31dB Class 5, the Stanley Sync provides ideal, consistent hearing protection and ensures appropriate attenuation in most industrial environments.

The unique Volume Management Technology manages sound levels reaching the user’s ear to a safe level, well within Standards Australia’s recommended 85 dBA Action Level.

With earcup designs inspired by professional DJ models, the Sync’s sound quality is on par with other professional and high-end personal headphones, while the innovative Air Flow Control Technology provides higher attenuation across all noise frequencies.

The Sync’s stylish design easily surpasses other industrial earmuffs and comfort and fit are ensured by the padded diamond-patterned headband and reinforced forkslides that keep it in place when worn.

The telescoping height adjustment can be modified for individual settings and personalised comfort, and remains fixed during use, making every Sync perfectly tailored for optimal comfort.

The Sync earmuffs feature a comfortable contact surface, which breathes easier in warm and humid climates, while the robust construction withstands rough treatment in the toughest work environments.

Combining safety and style, the Stanley Sync delivers serious sound.

For more information on the Sync Stereo Earmuffs from Stanley please contact:

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