Published 04-05-2021
| Article appears in April 2021 Issue

Sanitary thermal flow switch from FCI helps fight Covid-19


There is a small, but vital, weapon contributing to the war against Covid-19. The FLT93C sanitary thermal mass flow switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) is assisting the vaccine production effort of a large pharmaceutical company by helping them to ensure clean and safe vaccine production.

Distributed by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, the flow switches help provide sanitary water for cleaning in the production process by ensuring a minimum flow at the correct temperature and time. This keeps the vaccines free from bacteria. 

Dan McQueen, President of FCI, said staff at the firm were “extremely proud” of the switch’s contribution to fighting COVID-19. “Our dedicated, innovative employees have been exceptional in assuring that we can continue to produce and deliver our flow instruments to customers in the pharmaceutical, food/beverage, energy and other essential industries around the globe,” Mr McQueen said.

Water of such high standard is known formally as “water for injection” (WFI) in the pharmaceutical industry.

For the Covid-19 vaccine, WFI is used for rinsing after batch production, with the temperature kept at 20°C-85°C.

Once a batch is complete, the FLT93C switch issues a liquid low flow alarm so that a new line can be released. The switch can be installed cleanly and safely in the production process courtesy of the flange designed for the model.

The switch features stainless steel wetted materials and standard 20Ra finish. It comes with either mechanical polish or electro-polish finishing

Operating across a wide liquid flow range of 0.003 to 0.9 Nm/s, it boasts great repeatability of ±0.5% reading or ± 0.012 Nm/s.

Whether field-configured or factory preset, the switch is easy to use. Boasting excellent flexibility, accuracy and stability, it is suitable for all multiple process sensing and switching requirements.

Uniquely designed with temperature compensation technology, the FLT93C is the industry’s only thermal switch to deliver set point accuracy for process temperatures that can vary up to 177°C.

Suitable for 19.05 mm to 101.6 mm sanitary tubing process lines, the switch connects to a secure tri-clamp fitting so it's easy to remove, inspect and service.

Other pharmaceutical uses of the switch include compendial water systems (WFI, PW and HPW) and solution preparation systems (buffer solution). There are options for applications requiring corrosion resistance or wetted materials such as Hastelloy C, as well as support for Zone 1/21 (Class 1, Div 1 and 2) hazardous areas.

A dual-function instrument, the switch indicates both flow and temperature, and/or level sensing. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are independently configurable to flow, level or temperature. 

A standardised, field-configurable FLT93 FlexSwitch control circuit satisfies virtually any combination of application requirements. FCI’s advanced FlexSwitch technology can be packaged in integral or remote configurations for installation flexibility.

The FLT93C switch delivers under the heat. It is available with a choice of sensors, including one suitable for process temperatures up to 177°C and one that is suitable for temperatures up to 260°C.  


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