Published 28-05-2020
| Article appears in June 2020 Issue



Bolting operations performed at height run the risk of accidents and of the danger to anyone working below. According to WorkSafe Australia, a slip and a fall, or being hit by falling objects are major causes of death and injury on Australian construction and infrastructure projects each year.

To enhance the safety and ergonomics of such projects, Enerpac introduces the new DSX-Series Aluminium Square Drive Torque Wrench – a lightweight tool with industry-first patented safety features.

The DSX rounds out Enerpac’s portfolio of controlled fastening technologies designed for medium duty use when working at height.

The five compact yet powerful torque wrenches, each weighing from 2.2kg to 32.5kg, are suitable for use in the construction, infrastructure, mining and resource industries, onshore and offshore oil production, energy utility installation and distribution tasks, and wherever ergonomic, portable and safe use where weight and power are critical factors.

With a high-strength aluminium body, the Enerpac DSX Series are lightweight and easy to use, important factors when working at height. A multi-direction 360 x 180 degree high flow aluminium swivel helps prevent twisted and tangled hydraulic hoses.

Enerpac product and channel leader Andrew Marsh says the DSX Series contain many ergonomic and safety features.

“To help reduce dropped-object incidents when working at height, the five models in the series feature a built-in connection point to safely tether the tool to a work belt or bag,” he says.

A standard ergonomic safety handle is also included to prevent injuries or near misses from loss of tool.

“When it comes to operator protection, a fully enclosed drive prevents operator contact with moving parts inside the tool,” Marsh says.

To help boost on-site efficiency, the wrenches feature a fine-tooth ratchet that prevents the tool from locking on, a 35-degree rotation angle to assist with repetitious bolt tightening tasks, and a retained push button for quick release.




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