Published 04-02-2021
| Article appears in February 2021 Issue

Safety and communications combo with new smart radio

The Mototrbo Ion smart radio is designed for the manufacturing industry to meet greater need for collaboration and productivity tools and simple, reliable voice, video and data communications.

The global pandemic has driven businesses to shift and adapt operations to meet changing demands and new challenges.

Any large-scale project would need all the help it can get from technology, communications, accurate data and especially with communications.

The Mototrbo Ion smart radio is designed for the manufacturing industry to meet greater need for collaboration and productivity tools and simple, reliable voice, video and data communications.

The device has a fully open Android application ecosystem which allows for seamless integration of the mobile data applications that commercial industries depend on, such as those used for enterprise-grade barcode scanning, as well as team communication platforms used for messaging, meetings and shared content.

A 13-megapixel camera and 4-inch, high-resolution touchscreen lets workers attach photos to work tickets, use video chat for remote diagnostics and view detailed images, schematics, diagrams, photos and videos.

This simplifies device management and security, allowing businesses to move toward the use of a single device that offers the simplicity and reliability of push-to-talk radio with the additional capabilities of a smartphone, scanner and tablet.

The dual microphones, speaker size and audio engineering provide crystal clarity and noise suppression for powerful audio that outperforms smartphones, especially in loud environments.

With an ultra-rugged design, it stands up to harsh conditions and exposure to dust, water and repeated drops.

It features cloud-based programming and provisioning, remote updating and real-time device monitoring, allowing businesses to deploy and maintain their radio fleets with minimal touch and downtime. 

The device was the best fit for some of the largest public transport projects, such as Sydney Metro.

David Sibthorpe, plant manager for CPB Contractors, which was contracted to support the Sydney Metro extension, explained how safety and clear communication go hand-in-hand on any large-scale construction project, saying it’s “never more important than when you’re working in the vicinity of a 130-ton road header and need to instantly tell the operator to stop”.

“Having robust and reliable voice communication is paramount when you’re working in the vicinity of loud industrial equipment and in hot, dusty, damp and humid underground environments,” he said

“The Mototrbo Ion smart radio combines reliable voice communication with data capabilities for quick access to valuable data such as system diagrams, online inspection forms, weather forecasts and group messaging applications, helping to bring more efficiency into a worker’s day.”

The Mototrbo Ion smart radio works on the digital mobile radio (DMR) standard, Wi-Fi, public LTE and private broadband networks. It is built to support searching, tracking, ticketing, scanning and collaboration to boost productivity, especially within industries such as manufacturing, transportation, logistics and hospitality that rely on mobile workers.

It enables airport workers to coordinate the safe and timely flow of passenger services, truck drivers to receive vital route information via digital job tickets and security personnel to stream high-definition video from across stadiums or theme parks. 

“We have spent thousands of hours listening to our enterprise customers, observing their needs and understanding the demands on them to drive efficiency at every level,” said John Zidar, senior vice president, Global Enterprise & Channels, Motorola Solutions.

“They face countless moments each day where clear communication and collaboration is needed to manage tasks safely and efficiently.

“With the Mototrbo Ion smart radio, we have designed a product that meets their unique industry requirements, so that the technology supports the worker, and not the other way around.”


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